Hi, My name is Mike

Video Production based in Kyushu Japan

Specializing in rhythm and movement.

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We are a network of video studios and freelancers that helps businesses and artists produce commercial work. Each project is tailored to your needs to get the best results. Reach out if you have an idea that you're passionate about.
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After Effects


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Amazing Webflow
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Denis Pakhaliuk
"I think Webflow is the future of website design and front-end, and Elastic Themes helps to shape that future today by creating some great templates."
Brian DeSimone
“Elastic Themes makes the most useable and visually sexy templates I have seen in the Webflow store. Also, their service is as responsive as their websites. On point!”
Tyler Hughey
“Templates by these guys are designed beautifully, have amazing interactions and ready to go without needing any edits. A real time saver!
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Have an awesome idea that you want to turn into a profitable video?

We specialize in:

  • Music Videos
  • Dance Performances
  • Commercials
  • And more
  • ... and many more.
  • Friendly Support

Let’s find out what kind of video will help you deliver your message and give you the best results.

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Comittment to your success

"You can make movies for a select audience, but you have to market it to them."

David Fincher

Man looking into the distance.
The Team

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I've found making videos to be my ikigai (life purpose). I want to do what I can to help other people turn their ideas into something they can be proud of.

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